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In June 2014, Body Transformation Academy launched its first Certification course. Since its founding, small groups of personal trainers and body transformation coaches are taken through a structured process of learning, mentorship and implementation. Over the course of 16 weeks, participants work on the 5 key elements of successful body transformations to deliver a remarkable level of service and make more money, they become BTC’s.

The method is designed to move you towards being in the top 5% in the profession – the combination of passion, excellence and financial rewards.

Personal Trainers can enrol into the Body Transformation Certification only after they have been through the BTA Discovery Session (a process that ensures they are ready to become BTC’s). Each intake is limited in size to ensure a high degree of participation and accountability. Selection criteria is a key strategy for maximising the results of the method.


to the fitness industry

Most people make the mistake of giving up too early and leaving Fitness, rather than go from PT to BTC in the industry they know and love.

The Rep Counters or newbies enter the industry with buckets of enthusiasm but often lack the technical skills to add real value and typically end up badly paid. Over time, most will drop out of the industry and go on to start from scratch in the next industry. Those that stay on develop technical capability in delivering high value but have lost some of their passion and enthusiasm
along the way.

The regular PT’s begin to get cynical about the industry and lose the hunger to make it to the level of the BTC. With the endless 80 hour work-weeks they begin to get discouraged and lose belief that they too can make it to the highest level in the industry. They compete on price as a commodity and are quickly discouraged when they try to break mould and differentiate themselves from the other regular PT’s in their gym.

Rather than giving in, or searching for a new path, BTC’s push forward to the pinnacle of the industry. They are at the top of the fitness business and mastermind with other top fitness people attracting new opportunities all the time and end up making even more money and live an even better lifestyle.

BTC’s have more fun, earn way more money and have their own distinct style in their work.

The Body Transformation Certification is especially suitable to those who are willing to get out of their comfort zone, follow a proven success system and be held accountable to a new level of high performance.

People think it takes years or even a decade to become a Body Transformation Coach.
In fact, it’s about doing the key things right while holding yourself to a higher standard.

How do our clients so consistently achieve such dramatic results in such a short time frame?

The answer, we believe, is the power of momentum combined with a high performance environment and a commitment to change.

When you are clear, focused and in flow, taking on new challenges becomes easy. You get into the zone by concentrating on what’s important and, as you do, you rise to a new level of skill and productivity.

All our students achieve their results WHILE they run their business. Nothing good happens without effort, and there is never a perfect time . If not now, when? When was the last time you went for a drive and had the good fortune of all the traffic lights being green on the way to your predetermined destination? Never right?

In the ever changing fitness industry, Rep Counters run rampant and they completely devalue the name of the PT. People on the street have a very difficult time telling the difference and the industry suffers as a result, except of course the BTC´s. Having your PT qualification is no longer enough. It does not enable you to reach a great lifestyle and all good PT’s have a BTC in them. Therefore, the most important investment of time and money is in yourself. With commitment and our support you too can become a BTC.

If you are committed to something worthwhile, something you believe in, the resources you need will show up
– Lazo Freeman

Without question, the BTC strategy, guidance and business perspective will give you clarity on the exact next steps you need to orchestrate your rise as a BTC, however it’s the momentum generated by the like-minded community that will keep you motivated, focused and accountable to making it happen.

Who We Are?

The BTA Team
Lazo Freeman
Lazo Freeman
Recognised as the #1 Body Transformation Coach in the UK by the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers & Consultants, champion natural bodybuilder, he first got known for being the face of USN and training CEO’s Business Leaders & the super rich of London. Now he has left that all behind to become the trainer to trainers helping them move from Personal Training to the highly paid world of Body Transformation so that he can change the world one body at a time.

After winning multiple major awards in Natural bodybuilding contests in the UK and the US, Lazo focused on Personal Training but soon found himself dissatisfied. His results were excellent thanks to his deep knowledge nutrition and body sculpting experience thanks to his bodybuilding days; but his wallet wasn’t seeing the benefits of the hard work.

He ran into a roadblock, he noticed some clients transformed and others didn’t. So he decided to learn how the human mind worked. He spent almost £100k on finding the answers to this question. Along the way he found his mindset mentors. Applying what he learnt transformed his mindset and those of his clients irreversibly.

He remodeled his services on the understanding that as a coach of higher value he needed to present himself as such. He needed to differentiate himself and the services he provided; he rebranded as a BTC. This both communicated that he was different to the average PT and would be providing a better service; it also ensured that his clients understood that for such a bespoke service they would have to pay a premium.

Having done so, he limited his service, specialising in only training London’s elite professionals, offering a 12 week body transformation package designed to bring in those who wanted results and truly were passionate about transforming their bodies. This way he became London’s no.1 BTC.

His goal throughout this process is to change the world one body at a time. He is determined to spread the good effects of Body Transformation, and in order to do it he formed the Body Transformation Academy, the vehicle for bringing this change to the world by sharing the universal principles of transformation to all the personal trainers of the world.

The BTA’s goal is to change the world by mentoring personal trainers to ensure that they excel in their craft, and earn what they deserve whilst doing so; in the process he believes the world will benefit from having highly skilled transformation coaches providing the best services available to change not just bodies but lives.

Rehan Jalali
Rehan Jalali
Rehan Jalali is President of the Supplement Research Foundation (www.tsrf.com). He is a nationally recognized Certified Sports Nutritionist (C.S.N.) who has developed over 100 cutting edge products for the dietary supplement industry. He has been involved with Body Transformation Academy since its foundation in 2014, and shared his best secrets since the first group certification.

Rehan’s celebrity clients include Oscar® winning actors, Emmy® award winning TV stars, and Grammy® winning musicians. Rehan has developed cutting edge customized nutrition and supplementation programs for actors getting ready for movie roles, musicians preparing for videos, and celebrities peaking for appearances including award shows.

He has over 250 nationally and internationally published articles on nutrition and supplementation. Rehan has worked with many Olympic and professional athletes including Gold medalists. Long considered an authority on sports nutrition, Rehan is the author of The Six Pack Diet Plan, The Sports Supplement Buyers Guide, The Ultimate Performance Guide to Fitness Success and coauthor of The Bodybuilding Supplement Guide.

He is host of the supplement segment on the weekly Canadian TV show The Art of Building Bodies. He is a nationally published scientific writer, monthly columnist, and model who has appeared in Newsweek, US Weekly, Life & Style, InTouch, Men’s Health, Muscle and Fitness, Men’s Fitness, Ironman Magazine, Physical, Let’s Live, SLY, Maximum Fitness, MuscleMag International, Nirvana, Inside Fitness, Health Supplement Retailer, Vitamin Retailer, Oxygen Muscle Media, Hydrate, Adrenaline, Whole Foods Magazine, Grappling, Mind and Muscle Power, Real Solutions, Personal Fitness Professional, Health Products Business, Olympian’s News, The Washington Post, The Orange County Register, the Houston Chronicle, Angeleno, Human Performance, Muscle News, Muscle & Body, Pumped, Muscle News, Drkoop.com, thinkmuscle.com, and Mesomorphosis.com among others.

Rehan is also a natural bodybuilder who has appeared on ESPN and CBS. He has held numerous bodybuilding titles, including Mr. Texas and the Ironman Naturally Bodybuilding Champion. He is a member of the American Medical Writer’s Association.



Patrick Rea
Patrick Rea
Patrick is one of the founding members of the Body Transformation Academy. He is a full time coach experienced in coaching the BTA philosophy, he has helped dozens of PTs on their journey to become BTC’s while getting their businesses to record breaking revenue while on the programme and build up their personal brands
The BTA’s goal is to change the world by mentoring personal trainers to ensure that they excel in their craft, and earn what they deserve whilst doing so; in the process he believes the world will benefit from having highly skilled transformation coaches providing the best services available to change not just bodies but lives.
is the body transformation certification


Each Body Transformation Certification is made up of a vibrant group of extraordinary trainers who are committed to supporting each other to their highest potential. If you are serious about exploring whether this journey is right for you, then join us for a Consultation Session!

A consultation session is a fantastic chance for you to transform your business, if you want more clients, if you want to live the life you want, so that you’re not stressed, you’re about to make a key decision that will provide you with insights as to your hidden value, we’re going to help diagnose and solve your biggest business challenge on how to move forward in the context of the 5 steps of becoming a Body Transformation coach.

Why attend a consultation session?

Uncover the inhibitors that are keeping you from your Personal Best.
Discover 2 key frameworks that will help you identify, organise and commercialise your ‘mountain of value’.
Address any concerns or challenges you may need to overcome.
Discuss the BTA enrolment criteria and payment options.