Success Storry

We were earning £16 per hour but after the course at BTA our business took off. Now we are doing £11k packages.

Laura & Barry Ash

I was charging up to £60 per session at gymbox. After doing the BTA course, I focused on my good clients and started charging £8k packages.

Hugo Martini

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Why become a Body Transformation Coach?


  • Guarantee results to every single client
  • Get paid large amounts for your packages
  • Become known in the industry
  • Fewer clients more money
  • Have a greater work life balance
  • Are known by the public for making a real difference
  • Major referral systems
  • Without knowing how to shift your clients mindsets,
    you will never get full client compliance

Success Storry

It’s been one week since I finished my BT Certification and in these next two weeks consecutively I-ll be hitting personal bests in terms of the money I’m making. Especially in Belfast at the minute where I see most personal trainers cutting their prices and I’m actually putting mine up. It’s a good feeling!

Myles O'Reilly

So in the scale of 1 to 10 I would say this course is definitely a 10. I would recommend it to any fitness professional.

Simon Chivers

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The Body Transformation Certification

  • 8 weeks
  • 6 full day workshops
  • 16 hours of video trainings
  • Weekly mentorship and accountability
  • We guide you, step-by-step through the process of creating your Sales Brochure
  • Course workbook, manuals and step by step checklists

Get in touch with our career development team and we’ll send you the full course brochure.


I have learned so much on this course, it’s what I always wanted to do. My confidence is through the roof. The people who taught me in BTA… I mean, come on! What more can you ask for? If you can get in this course, do it. Take yourself to the next level, why be second to none? Be the best.

Ash Ali

Doing the course with BTA is the best decision I’ve made in a long time. I’m making more than I ever had and I’m working less hours. In Belfast at the minute where I see most PTs cutting their prices and I’m actually putting mines up. It’s a good feeling.

Myles O'Reilly

The level of information given is up there. It kind of makes you panic a bit because you have so much to learn but at the same time you know you’re learning it from the best.

Tony Chin

The difference between this course and other courses I’ve done in the past is just VAST. They teach you what is not taught in other courses, and the depth of knowledge is simply superior. In a sense it’s like driving a normal car versus driving an F1 car.

Harold Tackie

What I love about BTA is the online community and the support that we get from the coaches during the program. This support has translated into more money for my business.

Nazia Khatun

Two transformations today, two converted in £2k 12-week transformations each. THANK YOU BTA for showing us the way. Third one being setup on the phone now… show me the money!

Darren Stock

In the first month of this year I generated £22k in sales! I got a 10x return on my investment with BTA back in December. Money talks.

Mike Hoad

Even in Cardiff this program took me from £300 in sales per client up to £1,500 per package. Now I’m in London I’m selling £4k and £5k packages thanks to the brand BTA helped me create.

Luke Grahame